Getting Started

A quick introduction to new users on creating collections, uploading content, and inviting users

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This collection of articles will help you in requesting additional support

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The Edisen platform enables secure team collaboration with two levels of permissions to ensure the appropriate team members can access, edit, and collaborate on content that is appropriate for their needs.

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Working with Assets

Quickly learn how to manage your assets and make the best use of all features Edisen has to offer.

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Approvals System

This collection of articles will explain what the Approvals System is, and how to configure it.

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Marketing Plans and Briefs

This collection is where you find all the help articles related to Plans, Briefs, Creative Builder, Available Creatives and Deliverables.

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Tasks System

This collection of articles will explain what the Tasks System is, how to create a Task, and where to view Tasks.

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PitchBlue, MagnuBox & HLS/CDN station support


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Edisen V2

Learn how we are improving Edisen's usability and experience

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User Security Management

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Edisen Release Notes

This is where all release notes are published

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Advanced Features

Beyond the basic functionalities of a DAM, like enhanced content management, distribution and analysis.

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Edisen Desktop App

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