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What a Workflow is and how to create/edit one

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What is an Approval Workflow?

An Approval Workflow is a configuration on an item that determines how an item is approved and who can approve the item. Approval Workflows are configured in the Approval Workflow Modal

How to set an Assigner

The Assigner field will default to whoever turns Approval on for the Object the first time. You can change the Assigner any time after Approvals has been turned on and configured. The Assigner role will allow non Approvers to track the Approval of that Object in their Approvals Page

How to set a Due Date

You can set the Due Date for Approval when Approvals is turned on for the first time, or you can go back and set or change the Due Date any time after. The Due Date lets Approvers know when they need to Approve or Reject an Object by

What is an Approval Group?

An Approval Group can contain 1 or more users from your Organization. You can have multiple Approval Groups for each item, example: Project Managers, Account Managers, External Agency, Marketing, etc... Approval Groups can be added with the "+" button, and they can be deleted by selecting the Approval Group and clicking the "Delete Group" button

Setting Groups to Require Approval by One or All

This section lets you control how that Approval Groups Approval Status is determined. This will default to having the "One - group member" option selected.

"One - group member": This option will set the Approval Status for the group to the Approval Status of the first user to select a status from that group

"All - group members": This option will set the Approval Status for the group only when ALL of the group members have set their Approval Status and are in alignment

What is the "Assign Approver(s)" Section?

The Assign Approvers section is where you can add Approvers to the Approval Group that is selected. At least one Approver must be assigned to each Approval Group before the Create button is enabled and the Workflow can be completed

What is the Approval Rounds Section?

The Approval Rounds sections lets you specify the order for the Approval Groups, from the 1st Approval Round to the Final Approval Round. If you only have one Approval Group then it will show up here as "Final Approval Round". Any Approver from the Approval Groups may provide their individual Approval at any time, but the overall Approval Status of the item will only change when all Approval Groups are final and are all in alignment.

What is does "Apply settings to all assets" do?

This option is only available when configuring an Approval Workflow for a Collection or Folder. Checking this box will apply the current Approval Workflow to the Assets directly within the Collection or Folder (it will not apply to assets within sub folders)

Importing an Existing Workflow

If you have already setup a Workflow and would like to reuse it you can click on the Import Workflow button. Clicking the Import Workflow button will open an Import Workflow Modal allowing you to select an existing Object to import from. Workflow may only be imported from the same type of Object as you are configuring, so a Collection may only import a Workflow from another Collection, a Folder from a Folder, an Asset from an Asset, etc... When importing, if a user in the existing Object does not have access to the Object you are importing into, then that user will not be imported to the new Object. The system will display a popup informing you of any users and or Approval Groups that will not be imported due to access rights

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