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What is the Approvals Tab?

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What is the Approvals Tab?

The Approvals Tab is where you will turn Approvals On/Off, view existing Approval Workflows, view Approval Activity for an item, and if you are an Approver of the item it is also where you can set your Approval Status

Where is the Approvals Tab located?

The Approvals Tab is located on the Details Drawer for each item in the system. It is present when viewing Collections, Folders, and Assets in the Collections View. You can also find the Approvals Tab in the Details Drawer for each item when viewing them in the Approvals Page.

Turning Approvals On/Off

To turn Approvals On/Off for an item, navigate to that items Approvals Tab and click on the Approvals On/Off toggle. When Turning Approvals On for the first time you will be presented with the Approvals Workflow Modal. If the Workflow Modal is closed without creating a Workflow then Approvals will remain in the toggled Off state. If Approvals is turned Off after a Workflow has been created, the Workflow is not erased, turning Approvals back On will restore the previously created Approval Workflow

What is the "Approvers" section of the tab?

Once Approvals has been turned On and a Workflow has been created, the Approvers section gives access to the Configure Workflow button, the checkbox for "Ready for Approval" and will display the Approval Groups and Approvers for each item. The "Ready for Approval" checkbox will be checked by default, but can be unchecked if the item is not ready for approval.

What is the "Activity" section of the tab?

The Activity section shows all Approval activity for that item. Activity that will show up here includes Approvals turned On/Off, Workflow updated, user and item Approval Status updates (Approved, Rejected, Ready for Approval, etc.)

How to update an existing Approval Workflow

If an update needs to be made to an Approval Workflow after it was created, this can be done by navigating to the Approvals Tab for the item and clicking on the "Configure Workflow" button.

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