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How do I create a Brief?

This article will detail all the items within a Plan associated with the Brief.

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How do I create a brief?

When a PLAN is created, a brief is created that is associated with that plan.

By creating a plan, you have created a brief.

All that's needed is to go through the brief form and add as much relevant and available information as possible for the Brief to be understood and implemented.

Collaborate with your organization to fill out all the brief fields.

Brief Sections

No section of the brief is mandatory. Fill out the information you have and click save.


Begin entering information about your plan by clicking the EDIT button. No fields are mandatory.

  • Summary

    • Broadly describes the brief

  • Description

    • A detailed description of the brief

  • Target Audience

    • Add information about who the audience is for in this brief.

  • Competition

    • Provide high-level information about similar businesses or brands that this brief should refer to.

  • Budget

    • High-level budget information in key currencies, amounts, and whether the budget is fixed, flexible, or open for bids.

  • Plan Image

    • Upload an image to easily identify your Marketing Plan


The Objectives section of the brief is focused on the nuts and bolts of the brief. What are the objectives? Where will the project be deployed and what marketing channels will be focused on.

  • Select primary objectives

  • Region / Countries

    Select from the drop-down or search for countries where the activities will be deployed

  • Select channels

    Select marketing channels that will be targeted in the brief. If a channel is not listed use the Other section to fill it in.

Key Messages

Add key themes and messages in their appropriate languages

Each key message is made up of the following sections:

  • Message Title

Message Title is used to label your key message based on what the focus of the message might be.

  • Select Language

Select a language for the message to be targeted.

  • Objective

Associate a key message with an objective from the selected objectives of the brief.

  • Primary Message

Enter the copy of the key message.

  • Add message

Add as many key messages as needed by language or objective. Key Messages are flexible and may be used as needed.

Key Dates

Add milestones, due dates, or any other calendar-related items to the brief.

A key date is made up of the following component.

  • Title

  • Description

  • Date

Key dates are only associated with the brief and are not added to the Plan overview


Upload reference materials, shot sheets, renderings, or any other information and links that could be associated with the marketing brief. References may be added as

  • Links

Links may be added with a link label and a URL. Links will be saved as part of the brief. Use the copy link button to copy the link and paste it into your browser

  • Files

Files will be uploaded and stored as part of the brief. Once files are uploaded, use the download icon to download to your computer for review.

  • Additional Information

Any additional information related to the reference files should be added in the field provided.

Review & Approval

A section to review and approve the fully created brief. As sections of the Brief are completed, the Brief Summary saves all the changes. From the Review & Approve section the full brief may be downloaded and shared as a PDF.

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