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PitchBlue® DNS Resolved "Named Hosts" Information

The attached document provides updated information on "named hosts" that PitchBlue(R) MagnuBox(R) servers must be able to communicate with.

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PitchBlue® DNS Resolved “Named Hosts” Information

PitchBlue® MagnuBox® servers to connect to our cloud health monitoring and packet repair services via IP addresses resolved from Domain Naming Service (DNS) servers. MagnuBoxes® default to public DNS servers. They can alternatively be configured locally to reach internal DNS servers if required. Bi-directional TCP communication with these resolved IP addresses is required through any existing firewalls or protective network routing arrangements. All resolved addresses are accessed via Port 443 and/or Port 43443.

These are the “named hosts” that need to be resolved via DNS: ssl=443 ssl=43443 ssl=443 ssl=43443 ssl=443 ssl=43443

The PitchBlue® MagnuBox® server defaults to public external DNS servers at and (Google DNS) If the local network uses internal DNS servers, the MagnuBox® must be pointed to those internal units during installation network configuration. Access to the Administrative and Media network settings, and DNS server address assignments, is only possible via the front panel LCD and co-located controls. Consult the current MagnuBox® Users Guide or PitchBlue’s® Operational Support Center (866.437.2583) for further assistance.

Also note that the MagnuBox® servers have Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) disabled as a security feature. The server will NOT respond to a PING attempt as a result. The best way to test a MagnuBox®’s network connectivity is to attempt to reach its internal Web UI by using the locally assigned IP address with current versions of Firefox or Chrome web browsers.

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