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PitchBlue® Operations and C-Band Spectrum Reallocation
PitchBlue® Operations and C-Band Spectrum Reallocation

The attached document provides current information on PitchBlue® C-Band deliveries with respect to the C-Band Spectrum Reallocation.

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PitchBlue® Operations and C-Band Spectrum Reallocation


The C-Band spectrum reallocation process has raised numerous questions concerning PitchBlue’s® future distribution plans. PitchBlue® has been assured we will have adequate vertical transponders on Galaxy 19 available to continue our current operations. Therefore, stations should plan on maintaining their existing Galaxy 19 vertical transponder reception capability in the post C-Band reallocation world.

Even with the assurance of continued Galaxy 19 capacity, PitchBlue® is actively and rapidly pursuing converting to a terrestrial (Internet) delivery system using our current servers. There will be more information shared with our user stations soon on this topic.

Marc Drazin

Program Director

PitchBlue® content delivery platform


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