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Contact Technical Support
Written by Kyle Worrell
Updated over a week ago

Technical support for PitchBlue™ is provided by the Edisen Operational Services Center.

The phone number is: 1-866-437-BLUE (866-437-2583)

Edisen Operational Services Center engineering support is available from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time.

Or a Trouble Ticket can be easily created or viewed for updates using the options below:


Once a Trouble Ticket has been opened, you will receive a confirmation email and your Support Ticket can be tracked or updated via that email that will include the Edisen Operational Services Center Team.

This Support Ticket is where the solutions or additional questions will be submitted in response to your specific issue. It is an effective and quick way to check for support staff responses. Only the person who initiated the ticket (based on log-in e-mail address) will be able to view it. Therefore, it is very important for that person to update the ticket with alternate contact information (e-mail and phone #), if the responsibility of the opened ticket is passed on to other technical staff.

Thank you.

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