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Adjusting Download File Sizes
Adjusting Download File Sizes
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With such volumes of files to handle, we also created this feature for the customer team: Proxy Download. It allows users to download smaller versions of videos (mp4, mov etc) to save on time and capacity.

It lets you choose any size from 4K down to 360p. Once you’ve chosen the size you want to download, it will create the proxy version and you (or anyone else with access) can download it from the downloads tab in the details drawer.

In the screen record, you can see the download options from the menu, as well as what the downloads tab looks like once a proxy download is ready.

This is a particularly useful tool the customer team have been using, because it’s a really quick way to share, view and approve an asset. And another example of functionality we’ve created to help make things more efficient for the client.”

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