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Platform Uploads: User Guide
Platform Uploads: User Guide
Written by Toby White
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Referred to as the Web Uploader, it's an enhanced version of the upload tool within the Edisen platform.

It is designed to optimize how files and folders are uploaded, with better visibility, and with enhanced features including the ability to prioritize the upload order, cancel uploads and edit file metadata while in progress.

If you’re creating a new Collection, click ADD ASSETS.

Once in a Collection, access the NEW tab (screen top right), to open the drop-down menu:

You then have the choice between uploading via the platform, or the Desktop App (this is for large volumes/file sizes and will be covered in another topic).


You then have the option to drag assets into the upload space, or BROWSE to open a Finder window and select assets.

To upload via Browse gives you the option to upload a file or folder and search your local storage:

Once you have selected your files/folders these are displayed on a preview screen, showing the file name/type and size. They are automatically labelled ‘standard asset’ (the option to upload an ‘adaptable’ asset will be covered in another topic).

On this screen, you can browse and add more assets, delete/cancel assets by pressing the X, and drag/drop files folders. Once finished selecting assets click the Start Upload tab on the bottom right of the screen. A processing window will then appear.

Shortly after this message appears you will be able to see the uploader bar on the top right of the screen, showing the progress of all current and ongoing uploads.

Click the upload bar and it will expand into a panel that will show individual asset upload progress, as well as failed, and completed uploads.

Here you have the ability to reconfigure uploads, by cancelling, editing or prioritizing them.

Click on an item that is in queue, it will create a bounding box around the asset and give you the option to prioritize, edit or cancel that asset upload. Prioritizing will move that asset to the top of the list.

Clicking the EDIT button it will redirect you to the details drawer of that asset where you can change the file name as required.

To cancel an ongoing or in-queue upload through the panel, click CANCEL:

As a safety measure, you then have the option to Exit or Confirm that cancellation.

Successful uploads are shown on the asset thumbnail in the cloud icon (or with a warning ! Icon, if failed):

If an upload fails, you will also get feedback in the activity panel by seeing a red badge on the failed tab:

You then have the ability to RETRY that upload:

When you click RETRY, you will be taken to the retry upload screen:

Here you can see which files failed on the left, and from which you can browse your local storage to find the matching file then press START UPLOAD on the bottom right:


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