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Zip Download: User Guide
Zip Download: User Guide
Written by Toby White
Updated over a week ago

What is it?

Zip downloads provide two key benefits:

1. Make your user experience feel more immediate when downloading files that need to be zipped

2. Reduce/eliminate heavy load on servers when generating zips

The option to ‘zip’ your downloads applies to any download option on a collection or folder (ie any folder where more than one file or folder is collected).

Note: Zip downloads may take longer due to the ‘zipping’ process, but is particularly useful for retaining folder structures on multiple file downloads.

From the Collections page, select the collection (or folder within a collection) you wish to download:

On the selected Collection, click the ACTION MENU (the 3 dots icon on the bottom right of the collection), which will open your list of actions. Select Download.

Once you click ‘Download’, the following window will show, giving you two download options (with a summary explanation).

To zip specifically, select Zip Download which will then create a bounding box. After zip download is chosen, click CONTINUE.

Once it begins, you will see a pop-up confirmation: ‘ZIP file creation started’:

If you go back to the original collection that was being zipped, click the actions menu (3 dots) and you will see it Processing Download:

After the zip download has completed, the zip file will appear on the bottom of the screen, or in your downloads on your local storage.


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