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User Guide: Edisen Video Intelligence (EVI)
User Guide: Edisen Video Intelligence (EVI)

This amazing feature analyzes your video and with the addition of retention data is able to pinpoint your top performing scenes!

Written by Milo Trzcinski
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Edisen Video Intelligence (EVI) is an AI-driven feature that analyzes the audience retention data of video content on social channels, and breaks it out into its top performing scenes so you can export cutdown versions to optimize its performance.

Note that this feature is only available to selected Edisen users.

Getting Started: Accessing the Retention Data

To run EVI, you need access to retention data from the social channel hosting the video content, and for this first rollout of EVI we are supporting YouTube retention data.
To access this, navigate to the Youtube account where you video has been uploaded to and has been viewed by multiple viewers on the channel. Note that for optimum results, your video must have achieved in excess of 10,000 views.

Once signed in, navigate to Youtube Studio where you should be able to see all your uploaded videos and from the "Content" tab select one of your videos.

Once you select the video you want to download retention data for, you need to navigate to the "Analytics" section and then select the "Engagement" tab.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and under "Audience Retention" select "See More"

Now all you need to do is select the time period you want the retention data for and press the "Export current view button" to download a ZIP of all your retention data.

Once you unzip that file, the key CSV you're looking for will be named "Organic.CSV".

Launching EVI

The first step in the process, if you haven't done it already is uploading the same video you exporting retention data for onto the Edisen platform. Once you have that

select the file you want to analyze and press the action menu in the right hand drawer and select "EVI Analysis"

This will bring up a pop-up for you to upload the retention data you just downloaded from Youtube Studio. You have the option to choose the data type, you can either select "organic" or "skippable" from the dropdown selection.

After selecting browse navigate to the correct data set, corresponding to the data selection you made (organic or skippable) and select either the "organic.csv" or "skippable.csv "file from your local machine and press Submit.

Once the retention data is uploaded the EVI Analysis process will start, to navigate to the EVI Analysis you can press the "Go to EVI Analysis" button or navigate to the "EVI Analysis" tab on your left hand menu.

Adding another data set

After uploading one data retention type i.e. Organic or Skippable and you want to upload the second type, you will need to repeat the initial steps and navigate back to your asset and select EVI analysis for a second time and add the additional CSV after the pop up appears:
Step 1

Step 2

Using EVI

Once the EVI analysis is done, you can select the name of the file from the EVI Analysis tab list and this will bring up the detailed analysis view.

This view provides you with all the details you need to select the best performing scenes and export cutdown data for further editing outside of the Edisen platform. On the right panel you can see a breakdown of all the scenes identified in the video, each scene has a Timestamp, Scene Number, Thumbnail preview and EVI Score. The higher the EVI score the better this scene has performed based on your retention data.

You can sort scenes based on Scene order or on EVI Score (Ascending and Descending)

To start adding scenes to the new version you're creating, all you need to do is press the "Add" button underneath a scene. Once you start selecting scenes, they will start populating in the bottom panel.

If you want to remove a scene all you need to do is press the "Remove" button. you can also create a name for this new cutdown version in the "Remix Name" text field. To see a preview of the selected scenes - press the preview button on the right hand side.

This will launch a video preview of only the scenes you selected!

Once your happy with your final version, just press the "Save and Export" button on the right hand side of the bottom panel.

This will download a ZIP file to you local machine, containing 2 files - a copy of the video asset you analyzed and an "Assembled-scenes" XML file. This file contains the time-codes and data of only the scenes you selected, once imported into video editing software it can be used to easily make a new version with the top performing scenes.

Data Type Switching

If you added 2 different types of retention data (skippable and organic) you have the option to switch data views and see the appropriate EVI scores for each data set. This is available in the top right corner of the EVI scene selection UI.


To access our newly added analytics section you need to select "Analytics", located in the top left section of the EVI UI.

Once selected you will be navigated to the new analytics section, this section contains additional insights into your videos data including:

A graph of the retention data, allowing you to choose the curve type and windsor value. Windsorization is a technique that is used when a couple of outlying values are skewing the scale for the rest of the data. The Windsor value readjusts the low end of the scale in order to better separate the EVI scores at the upper end to differentiate between cuts.

Top Scenes - an overview of your videos Top 5 performing scenes

Tag Analysis - a detailed breakdown of all the tags identified in your video using EVI and their respective cumulative scores and frequency of appearing in the video

Generate Report - this feature allows you to download a PDF version of all this data with any changes you've made to the retention graph, allowing you to share the details with clients or colleagues. The PDF will be automatically downloaded to your local machine upon selecting this button.

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