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Customizing App Colors and Theme
Customizing App Colors and Theme

Customize your organization theme color and the view mode!

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Edisen offers two very simple, delightful features for our users which will enable you feeling connected to your brand and your work more!

  • Setup app colors to match your brand

  • Setup outgoing email colors to match your brand

  • Customize UI theme/mode

Setup your organization theme to match your brand colors

As an admin of your organization, you can setup Edisen's UI colors to match your organization's brand colors so that all users logging in will feel more familiar, connected, integrated with their daily workflow.

The Admins of an organization can follow the steps below to set this up:

  1. Go to Settings page and click on Preferences tab

  2. Enter the Primary and Secondary color hexcodes in the textboxes provided.

  3. Choose button label color and hover label color.

  4. Also enter the hexcode for selection color.

  5. Note a little app preview that is generated automatically as you update these values.

  6. Click on Save.

Setup your Email theme to match your brand colors

As an admin, you can also setup the email theme colors to match your brand colors. Not just that, the sender name, the header image, button and link colors, background colors, etc can all be customized within no time. Here's how you can do it.

  1. Scroll down from the Application Theme section to see the Email Theme section.

  2. Here, you can update:

    • Email sender name

    • Email header image

    • Button and link colors in the email

    • Button label color

    • Main background color

    • Body text color

    • Footer text color

3. You can also update:

  • Copyright text

  • Social media URLs: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, YouTube.

4. Going down further, the following can also be customized:

  • Invitation email subject line

  • Invitation email title

  • Invitation email body text

Setup your App theme to match your preferences

In addition to customizing your brand colors, every user can setup their own app theme mode as per their preferences.

  1. Go to your user profile image/avatar on top right corner and click on it

  2. Go to App Theme and select any of the options and see the magic happen.

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