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How do I invite users to the Organization?
How do I invite users to the Organization?
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Edisen works best when all the members of your team have a collective space wher you can upload, view, comment and send content. You can invite users to join your Organization from the Organization Management page by clicking the "Invite Users" from the top right of the page or from the left side drawer " + " button. You'll be presented a modal where you can enter one or many emails for users you'd like to invite. Once sent, they will receive an email invitation to your Organization and information about how to set up their account to get started. 

You can also resend an invitation to a teammate who hasn't responded to your invite from the Organization Management page. Select the context menu next to the user you'd like to resend an invitation to from the Pending Users section and click "Resend Invitation." This will send out another sign up email to the user. Have them check their junk inbox just in case.

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