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How do I share content?
How do I share content?

Edisen helps you easily share one or more assets at a time via email or simply via a shareable link that doesn't require login to Edisen.

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Edisen has a very convenient feature which enables users to easily share content with people who either have or do not have login access to Edisen. They can be anyone even outside of your organization.

All the content selected to share gets laid out for presentation on a webpage and enables easy browsing. You will have the ability to set an expiration date on the shared link, after which no one will be able to view the content.

Sharing individual assets or folders:

To share an individual asset or folder, click on the ellipsis on the asset's/folder's footer. This will bring up the menu like shown below. From here, select "Share".

Once you click on Share, the following modal will appear:

Here, you can choose to:

  • share via email or

  • generate a shareable link.

You also have additional options on these links:

  • Set expiration date: 2 weeks from current date by default. And you can change it to any date, which can be up to 1 year from current date.

  • Enable Downloads: checking it (default) will enable downloading of the content shared from the shared links. Unchecking will disable downloads.

  • Enable watermarking of an asset, which will add a watermark if the person receiving the share downloads the asset

  • Add protection: you are able to choose from Password Protection or Multi-Factor Authentication.

    • Password protection: after selecting password protection you will be able to input a password for this share link, Please make sure to use strong password (a combination of lower and upper case letters and digits) with minimum 8 characters. Set passwords are not shared with the recipients through our platform so you will need to communicate this password through other channels - direct message, email, text etc. You can also toggle the password visibility on and off using the "eye" icon in the password field.

    • Multi-Factor Authentication: this method only works when creating a share with an email recipient, the recipient will receive a code via email to enter when accessing the link.

If you choose to share via email: you will receive the following notification after you click "Send". Here, you can once again choose to copy the link and share it directly.

Accessing the share link via email

The email recipient will receive an email from "Edisen <>" with the subject "'your username' has shared content with you!"

Password Protected Shares

Clicking on "View Link" or the generated link will take you to a share webpage, if the user set password protection you will need to enter the password before accessing the content.

Multi-Factor Authentication

If the sharer selected Multi-Factor authentication you will see the message below, in order to access this content you need to select "SEND ME THE CODE",

After selecting that option you will receive a code to the same email you received the share link to

Now copy that code and go back to the share link page and input the code.

Now that you're in, if the sharer checked "Enable Downloads" , you can see the button "Download All" on the top-right of the page. Clicking on this will allow you to save the content directly on your device.

To see a preview of the asset click on the name of the file, in order to download the asset please select the download icon next to the file name, in case of downloading multiple files select "download all" in the top right corner of the page.

Sharing multiple assets/folders:

You have two ways to share multiple assets:

  • Multi-select on assets and share (works for assets only, not folders):

Click on the top-left circle and select each asset that you want to share.

At this point, the right drawer changes to show the options one can choose after a multi-select. Select "share" to open the "New Share Link" modal like shown above. Follow the steps described above to complete the share. Note that this works for multi select on assets only, not folders.

  • Add multiple assets or folders to basket and share: In this way, you can select any number of assets or folders. Click on the ellipsis of an asset's or a folder's footer to access the context menu and select "Add to Basket". Fill up your basket with as many assets / folders as you'd like to share, from any folder and any collection.

Now access your basket from the bottom left of your page:

Here, from your basket's page, click on the top right ellipsis shown below to access the menu and click on Share.

This will again open the "New Share Link" modal (screenshot shown earlier) and you can follow the steps described above to choose your options and complete the share.

Editing share links

Edisen now provide a section that shows all the Share links you created, you can find it on the left hand menu under "Links"

To edit a link, scroll to the right side of this table and you will be able to access the 3 dot action menu, after clicking on the 3 dots you will be presented with 3 options:

Edit- brings up a modal to edit the detailed data in the share

Delete - allows you to delete a share link

Disable - once selected temporarily prevents the share link from working without deleting it, an enable option will appear once you select disable.

Once you select "Edit" you will be presented with the pop up below, to save changes select "Update".

Thanks for reading and please email us at for any questions/opening a support ticket.

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