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What are attachments and how do I use them?
What are attachments and how do I use them?

We realize that most often then not, your assets have related documents. Here you will learn how to manage this on Edisen.

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Edisen is beyond a simple content management tool. Here you will see how you can use Edisen for collaboration within your team and organizing related content of saved assets in a simple manner.

What are attachments?

In Edisen, any supporting documents and related content such as transcripts, related videos of an asset, can be attached in a simple manner to an asset. These attachments can be of any format and there is really no limit on the number of attachments you can add.

How do I view attachments?

To learn how to view details of your content, please see the article

To view attachments of an asset, you would just need to have "viewer" permissions on a collection. You can view attachments by clicking on the "i" details button on an asset's footer and navigating to the "Att." tab like below. If you are an Editor or an Owner and there are no attachments for an asset, you will see the message "No Attachments" and you will see the button "Upload Attachments". However, if you have only Viewer permissions, you will not see the "Upload Attachments" button.

How do I upload attachments?

Owners and Editors can upload attachments to an asset. Click on "Upload Attachments" and browse to the file on your local machine that you want to attach. Double-click the file to add it as an attachments. Here you will see two files of different file formats are attached to an asset.

How do I download an attachment?

To download an attachment, simply select the attachment you want to download and click on download. Make sure the pop-up blocker on your browser is disabled. The attachment gets downloaded into your local machine.

Note that when you move or copy an asset, the related attachments also will be moved or copied. However, if you share an asset, the attachments cannot be accessed.

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