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How do I view, add or delete tags on my content?
How do I view, add or delete tags on my content?

With Edisen, you can add tags to an asset or a collection to help you better manage your content.

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Edisen offers a powerful way to search and organize content with the tags feature. With tags, you can achieve the goal of monitoring and maintaining tag use, accuracy, trends and consistency of tags within your teams.

How do I view tags?

Tags can be created for a Collection, Folder or an Asset. Any user who has access to an organization can view or search for tags. To view the tags, click on the "i" button found on a collection, folder or asset to open the details drawer. (For more detailed article on how to view details of any content, please see the article

How do I add a tag?

Start typing in the text box shown above to start adding a tag. The tags are added immediately and they show up in the list of added tags below.

How do I add a common tag to multiple assets?

Click on the top-left circle on an asset to get to the multi-select mode and select as many assets as you would like, for adding a common tag. Access the details drawer on the right and click on the "Tags" tab and start adding tags.

How do I delete a tag?

To delete a tag, simply click on the tag you want to delete and then click on the "x".

How do I search for a tag?

Access the search page by clicking on the "search" magnifying glass and start typing the tag you are searching for. Categorized list of results show up and you will see all collections, folders, assets (files/images/videos) that are the closest match to the search string.

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