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How do I view, add and delete comments on my content?
How do I view, add and delete comments on my content?

Edisen makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team members by providing you the ability to add comments to your content.

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For details on how to view and edit details of your content, please see the article:

You can access these details as long as you have Owner or Editor permissions on a Collection. This would also give full access to content inside the collection as well.

How do I view comments?

In Edisen, a collection, a folder or an asset can have comments related to them. This resides (and is a part of) "metadata". Find the "i Details" button which is present on all content (a collection/folder/asset) and click on the "Comm." tab to access the comments.

If there are no comments added so far, this is what you will see on the right drawer:

How do I add comments?

Once you have accessed this section, you can start adding comments and collaborating with your team members.

Here you can:

· Mention someone in your organization (and alert them) by starting to type their name starting with "@" and selecting their name from the dropdown that appears. This will notify them via email based on how they have their notification preferences setup.

· You can also start replying to an existing comment like shown below. You could also delete any comments you have made.

The Activity section can be accessed from the bell icon on the top-right corner and it will reflect all your activity, along with your activity on comments.

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