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How do I archive/unarchive content?
How do I archive/unarchive content?
If any of your assets no longer serve you, Edisen lets you archive - not delete, your content.
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You can upload, create, move or copy 100s of assets (there's really no limit) inside a collection or a folder in Edisen. In the scenarios where there are asset(s) that no longer serve you or you have accidentally uploaded/created or moved any asset(s), you can archive these asset(s), as opposed to deleting them.

Archiving would still keep the asset(s) for you, but they will just not be accessible with the other assets not archived.

Essentially, in this context, there are two states for an asset - Active and Archived. All the assets that are not archived are called active, and vice versa. Here you will learn how to archive an asset. This feature is available only if you are an Owner or Editor of a collection.

How do I archive an asset?

Click on the ellipsis on an individual asset and open the context menu. Click on Archive.

You will see a pop-up alert like below. Once you click on "Yes, archive", the asset will now be in an archived state in the same folder.

How do I archive multiple assets or folders?

You can also archive multiple assets or folders at the same time. This can be done by multi-selecting all the assets by clicking on the top-left selection checkbox on each asset. Then access the menu that appears on the right and select "archive". The same pop-up alert shown above will appear. Click on "Archive" to archive all the selected content.

How do I access the archived content?

Navigate to the top-right space when inside a collection and click on the "Active" dropdown menu and select "Archived" to see all the assets and folders that are archived.

How do I unarchive my content?

You can unarchive an asset or a folder by first viewing all the archived content in a collection. Then click on "Unarchive".

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