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How do I upload revisions to my asset?
How do I upload revisions to my asset?
With Edisen, you can easily upload new versions of an existing asset without losing access to the history.
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In the content creation world, we know things change frequently and Edisen makes it easy for you to upload a new version of an exiting asset, also called a revision. This new version can be of any format / file type and need not be related to the old asset.

  • Edisen maintains the history of revisions for an asset.

  • All revisions can be downloaded individually.

  • Note that you cannot go back to the old version from the revisions feature. The only way to add a new version or go back to an old version would be via "Upload Revision".

How do I access the revision history of my asset?

To access the revisions of an asset, click on the "i" button on an asset's footer. This updates the details drawer on the right with the asset details.

Click on Revisions tab of the drawer to view all the revisions of the asset. Here in this example, "Camel" is the original title of the asset (see the picture above) and "1. Camel" is the very first/original upload of the asset. And similarly, "2. Camel closeup" is the 2nd revision, "3. Camel far out" is the 3rd revision, and so on.


The title of the asset does not update if the uploaded revision has a different name. Click on the title of the asset card to update the title.

How do I upload a revision to my asset?

When an asset is uploaded or created, this is saved as the first version of an asset. To upload a revision, click on "Upload" button seen above. The selected asset can be of any file format. This will replace the original asset - but the title on the asset card remains the same.

How do I download a revision?

Click on the revision you would like to download to highlight it and click the download button.

What happens when I share an asset and a revision is uploaded later?

A shared asset will always point to the original asset in Edisen. That means that when this asset is updated with a new revision, it would reflect on the share. That way you do not have to worry about creating new share links.

Thank you for reading, we hope this was helpful.

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