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Tasks System - Tasks Tab
What is the Tasks Tab?
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What is the Tasks Tab?

The Tasks Tab is where you will create Tasks, view existing Tasks, update existing Tasks, complete Tasks assigned to you, and view Tasks Activity

Where is the Tasks Tab located?

The Tasks Tab is located on the Details Drawer for each item in the system. It is present when viewing Collections, Folders, and Assets in the Collections View. You can also find the Tasks Tab in the Details Drawer for each item when viewing them in the Tasks Page or the Approvals Page.

What is the "Tasks" section of the tab?

Once one or more Tasks have been created, the Tasks section will display the Task(s) for the selected item, as well as allow users to view, edit, or complete the Task(s)

What is the "Activity" section of the tab?

The Activity section shows all Tasks activity for that item. Activity that will show up here includes Tasks creation, Task updates, and Task Status updates (Unviewed, Viewed, and Done)

How to Update an existing Task

If an update needs to be made to a Task after it is created, this can be done by navigating to the Tasks Tab for the item, selecting the desired Tasks, and updating the Title, Notes, Assignee, Assigner, Due Date, or Priority

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