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How do I upload Folders in Edisen?
How do I upload Folders in Edisen?

In Edisen, you can upload an entire folder directly from your computer or mobile!

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In Edisen, you can now select an entire folder for uploading directly from your computer or mobile web page. As a user, when you have Editor/Owner access to an existing collection, or after you create a new collection, you will have the permission to upload content (files or folders) to that collection.

To ensure the best user experience, we currently have set some limits on the folders that you could select for an upload. We continue to work on optimizing the upload process and will extend these limits very soon!

As of right now, we have these limits for folder uploads:

  • Total number of files inside the folder: 30

  • Total size of the folder: 1GB or less.

  • Can only "Browse" and select a folder - cannot drag and drop.

How do I upload a folder?

  1. On Collections page in Carousel View, click on "Upload" button to access "Folder Upload" option.

  2. You could also access the option from the context menu of the Collection's drawer: this can be accessed both in Carousel and Table View.

  3. When inside a Collection, you can access the option from the "NEW" dropdown button.

Folder Uploader screen

After selecting the Folder Upload option from any of the 3 above, the overlay screen will let you browse to a folder in your system. You can click anywhere on this screen or can click on "Browse". We do not support dragging and dropping a folder onto the uploader at this time.

On this screen, you will also notice the limits that have been set on the folder that can be selected for upload.

You can also add tags to any of the selected assets and click on Start Upload.

NOTE: all the files that belong to the folder selected will be shown in a flattened representation on the uploader screen. The folder structure will be created once upload starts and the structure will be restored.

Folder Upload Limits

  1. As mentioned above, after selecting a folder for upload, if the number of files in the folder structure exceeds the limit, the upload button will be disabled.

2. Similarly, the upload button will be disabled if the upload size exceeds limit.

3. And similarly, when both the limits exceed as well the upload button is disabled:

Full-Screen View:

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