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Discover a new and powerful way to search your video content in Edisen!
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Have you have ever wondered what would it look like if all your video content is actually "understood" by your application?

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to search your content, if it was analyzed frame by frame, with the power of AI?

Look no further!

Edisen is here to proudly offer you it's newest and most UNIQUE features, which makes it a class-apart from the other tools that you have used in the past! We are confident you will love it and will use it extensively in your day-to-day interaction with Edisen.

Welcome to Scenes Search!

Scenes Search, unique to Edisen, is an implementation of a video searching functionality that uses the power of machine learning. This feature allows text based search of video content without traditional keyword based metadata tagging.

It is a contextual based search and you are able to describe and "talk" about what you are looking for in your natural language.

Every uploaded video in your organization is processed, split into frames and analyzed. Every frame is associated with a timestamp and stored in a custom Video search engine. Whenever a search query is performed, the dataset is queried and the most relevant results are sorted on top.

Using Scenes Search

  1. Go to the search overlay, by clicking on the magnifying glass, top right of the page, next to the profile image.

  2. Click on "Scenes" to change the Tab.

  3. Enter a search text, for example, "Red Car" and hit enter.

  4. All the relevant video segments or "scenes" are displayed in an interactive table, with time specific jump points.

Points to note

  • The results are sorted by relevancy, top to bottom.

  • The bottom-most results will be least relevant to the search.

  • The more video content you have uploaded in your organization and has been analyzed by the Video Search engine, the more the results will get more smarter and better relevant.

  • You might have the same video show up more than once in your results. That is because, different time segments in the video might yield matches for the same context that is being searched for.

    • The "Timestamp" column will be able to distinguish these results.

    • In the screenshot above, note the first two results are of the same asset, but at different Timestamps.

  • The click interactions on the Table are similar to the results in other tabs

    • Clicking on Details icon will open the details drawer

    • Clicking on the Thumbnail will open a preview of the video over the Search overlay

      • The buttons "Next Asset" and "Previous Asset" can be used to navigate the previews of the results.

      • The screenshot below shows the preview, after clicking on the thumbnail.

    • Clicking anywhere else on the row will navigate the user to the location of the object.

What does it mean when Scenes Search results are empty?

Note that Scenes Search feature is not enabled for all organizations by default. If you are not seeing any results in this tab, your organization most likely does not have this feature enabled.

Please open a support request to enable Scenes and start making use of this powerful feature.

What can you expect in the future?

  • In the future enhancements of this feature, we will introduce image based search. That is, you will be able to upload an image into the search box and search all your content for a match of the image.

  • We will also be able to enhance this feature to scan through not just your video content but also any of your visual content, including images and files for matches.

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